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Good Afternoon Good People:

Here’s a #mondaymotivationalquotes Post, highlighted by this short but mighty and succinct statement…



Last year, Hollywood Actors Blake Lovely and her husband Ryan Reynolds contributed $200,000 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. during the summer after America was experiencing a crippling pandemic.

No. Not COVID-19

The pandemic of the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. That eight minute and some odd second video will be forever entrenched in my brain. I can’t unsee it. And to think the whole ordeal was captured by a cautious but curious 17 year old is unfathomable.

Darnella Frazier is a Heroine.

In hindsight…for black folk, we have become normalized by trauma by now. But not since Emmitt Till and later Trayvon Martin, had the shadows of America been awakened by a National mourning. People who had not become famous by their acts or deeds but have been deemed infamous for their deaths.

Within the black intellectual space, we wondered now mainstream media, Wall Street, professional sports and Hollywood would act to such a iniquitous and abominable crime.

What I saw were lots of headlines and well paid PR campaigns, but NOT ENOUGH ACTION.

NOT ENOUGH checks and balances on (insert CEO name)’s promises.

NOT ENOUGH guardrails in place for oversight and accountability.

NOT ENOUGH non-black “celebrities” willing to acknowledge and jeopardize their privilege for the greater good of humanity.

Altruism is one of our founding principles.

VeryWellMind.Com define it as such…

“Altruism is the unselfish concern for other people — doing things simply out of a desire to help, not because you feel obligated to out of duty, loyalty, or religious reasons. It involves acting out of concern for the well-being of other people. In some cases, these acts of altruism lead people to jeopardize themselves to help others. Such behaviors are often performed unselfishly and without any expectations of reward.”

This is what it looks like… 🖤🤎❤️

“We want to use our privilege and platform to be an ALLY. And to play a part in easing pain for so many who feel as this this grand experiment is falling them”

“We’ve never had to worry about preparing our kids for different rules of law or what might happen if we’re pulled over in the car. We don’t know what it’s like to experience that life day in and day out. We can’t imagine feeling that kind of fear and anger. We’re ashamed that in the past, we’ve allowed ourselves to be uninformed about how deeply rooted systemic racism is.”

“We’ve been teaching our children differently than the way our parents taught us. We want to educate ourselves about other people’s experiences and talk to our kids about everything, all of it…especially our own complicity. We talk about our bias, blindness, and our own mistakes. We look back and see so many mistakes which have led us to deeply examine who we are and who we want to become. They’ve led us to huge avenues of education.”

We’re committed to raising our kids so they never grow up feeding this insane pattern and so they’ll do their best to never inflict pain on another being consciously or unconsciously. It’s the least we can do to honor not just George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Eric Garner, but all the black men and women who have been killed when a camera wasn’t rolling. — Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Donate and Make Statement on Black Lives Matter (elle.com)


Hollywood, are you listening???

Conclusion: NOT ENOUGH



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